Solder Pot Basics


Normal use of this product is likely to expose the user to lead, a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects (or other reproductive harm), or exposure to other Proposition 65 chemicals.

This entire device becomes HOT in use. DO NOT TOUCH the metal surfaces or contents.

ALWAYS wear eye protection. Guard against accidental spills or splatter.

MOLTEN SOLDER can cause serious burns.


This product is designed for industrial use, by experienced operators under the proper supervision. Never permit an inexperienced person unfamiliar with heated solder pots and the characteristics of molten solder to use this device. Provide WARNING notice of hot pot in the area of use.


This solder pot is designed to be used with soft alloy. Do not attempt to use pot for other purposes.

When first plugging this unit in to a proper electrical outlet, have the solder to be melted present in the pot. Do not permit an empty pot to fully heat; this will damage the unit.

Keep the solder crucible full during use, by introducing additional material as it is consumed in the production process.

Occasionally remove accumulated oxides from inner walls and bottom of pot.

When solder becomes “sluggish” due to contamination by other metals, replace the solder.

With thermostatically controlled pots, develop the desired temperature during production cycles by checking with a thermometer or pyrometer. Record this setting for future reference.

The presence of moisture can cause molten solder to “explode” and splatter. Keep workplace and work clean and dry.

Never attempt to introduce a flux-core solder into the pot.

Use a sand tray or insulation under the pot. Anchor the pot to work surface.

Never operate the pot above rated voltage. Disconnect the pot when not in use.

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