Operating Instructions for Plato Solder Pots

MODELS SP-101/101P, SP-301/301P

WARNING: Always wear suitable protective clothing, gloves, and eye protection when working at or near a solder pot.


  1. Adjust the leveling screws so pot sits level on work surface. For safety, anchoring the solder pot to the work surface is recommended to avoid spilling of molten solder.
  2. If work surface is heat sensitive, use insulation or sand tray under the solder pot.
  3. Provide adequate ventilation or an exhaust hood over the solder pot.
  4. Do not operate the solder pot without solder in the crucible. Keep crucible full.


  1. Plug solder pot into proper voltage outlet. Do not use the solder pot above rated voltage.
  2. Turn the control dial to HI. Melt solder into the cast iron crucible until full. Do not use flux core solder.
  3. Readjust the control dial setting to mid-range for normal operating temperatures.


CAUTION: “Outgassing” or solder splash may occur when remelting a full solder pot. To prevent solder splash, it is recommended that a suitable cover be placed over the crucible during solder remelt.

The solder pot has a four-position control dial (OFF, HIGH HEAT UP, ON-LOW, and NORMAL OPERATING RANGE). The HI HEAT UP position will continuously energize the heating element. Use this position when first warming up the pot. After 15 to 20 minutes, you should reduce the control setting by turning the dial to the NORMAL OPERATING RANGE. As the dial is turned clockwise from the HI HEAT UP position, the temperature will decrease. Temperatures are infinitely adjustable over this range.

If the dial is set on the ON-LOW position, the pot will not produce sufficient heat to keep the solder molten. To do so, the dial must remain in the NORMAL OPERATING RANGE. If the molten solder temperature is reduced due to constant heavy usage, adjust the control dial counter-clockwise to increase the temperature.

If a precise solder temperature is required, the correct dial setting can be determined by trial as follows: Allow the solder temperature to stabilize at the control dial setting in the middle of the normal operating range. Measure the molten solder temperature. (Accurate measurement of solder temperature may be accomplished with a pyrometer or temperature recording device.) Adjust the control dial as required until the desired setting is achieved. Note the control setting for future reference.

For future use, merely adjust the control dial setting to the HI position until the desired temperature is approached. Then reduce the control dial setting to the previously noted position for your temperature requirement.

When solder becomes contaminated, it should be replaced.

For maximum heater life, operate the solder pot in the lowest temperature setting that will accommodate the work. Leaving the heating element in the HI position will substantially decrease heater life. For maximum pot life, turn the pot off when not in use.


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