Solder pot also known as soldering pots are portable and primarily used for melting solder, dip soldering small circuit boards, tinning the ends of wire leads, re-tinning soldering iron tips. Solder pot is very useful for smaller jobs where reliable control of soldering temperature is essential. Solder pots includes dross skimmers. Solder pots are available in porcelain and cast iron crucibles.

Solder Pot by American Beauty
Solder pot by American Beauty exceed the requirements of MIL SPEC ANSI (J-STD-001B). These solder pots control temperatures to ± 5°F (± 2.75°C) of a pre selected setting from350°Fto 850 °F (176°C to -454°C). Applications: tinning the ends of stranded wire leads, dip soldering of small circuit boards, re-tinning soldering tips.

Digitally Controlled Solder Pots by Esico
General purpose solder pot by Plato control temperature to ± 11°F (± 6°C) through the use of a thermal timer switch with automatic correction for voltage fluctuation. It has 2 lbs capacityand is2.5" in diameter and has 1.5" deep crucible. It has adjustable leveling feet and shipping weight is 11 lbs.

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